Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bad hair day? Donut bun!

Bonjour loves!

Today I woke up with terrible looking hair, so I decided to make a donut bun! I'll show you how it looks.

Things you need:
                                      - A brush
                                      - A donut (1 pound in Primark!)
                                      - Bobby pins
                                      - Little hair clips
                                      - Two hair elastics

It's really easy to make! First of all you make a high ponytail. Then you put the donut around your ponytail like you'd do with a hair elastic. When you have done that, you cover the donut with your hair (make sure you can't see any of it, it would look a bit weird!). You take another hair elastic and put it around the donut. The last thing you need to do is secure your hair with the bobby pins and little hair clips (I usually only use the hair clips as it stays in better).

The final result:

I personally like it a bit messy but you can make it really nice-looking too! I think this is a great look for girls who don't have very long hair and want to make a big bun (before i discovered the donut I used to have really small tiny looking buns and it looked terrible!:p)

Hope you like this look!:)


  1. I love this hairstyle, it has always been my go-to work hairstyle! x

  2. Yeh same! It's quick and easy and it looks nice! xo

  3. It's a lovely hairstyle, love this donut style!
    Thanks for sharing, xx

  4. Love this hairstyle! Makes me wish I didn't have all my hair chopped off, it's such a pain trying to grow it out! xx


  5. I love your hairstyle :))

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know so I can follow you back :)) xx

  6. Hahaha... Is it bad to say that I thought these were made just using hair (and not the donught ring..)
    This is why all my attempts at good buns have gone wrong!

    I need to invest in one of these now! Thank you!
    I'm a new follower :)