Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pretty pastel nail varnishes!

Bonjour loves!

I have some nail varnishes that I absolutely wanna share with you! Pastel colours are definitely my favourite colours for this summer! They look girly and very cute!

My favourite one is the one of Barry M. (the one on the right). I absolutely ADORE Barry M! If you don't have any nail varnishes of Barry M. I recommend you to go shopping RIGHT NOW and buy some of Barry M.! I don't have a lot of nail varnishes of Barry M. myself because they don't sell it in Belgium, but when i visited my boyfriend in England, I always buy some new colours!

The pink nail varnish of Nivea is very good to make your nails stronger and healthier and it looks good as well! Although it was quite expensive (like 8 pounds), but it's worth the price to be honest :)

The other two are not of the best quality as they don't last long (max. two days) but I do love the colours so I thought I should mention them!:)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Can't wait for the weekend, this week has been so busy! Today it's my mums bday so we are going for dinner soon YAYYY :)

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Love you all,


  1. I love nail polish!! It's the best way to change a day up & these picks are absolutely lovely! I need to get my hands on some Barry M! That color is darling! Perfect picks! Do enjoy them, hun! xo, Megs

  2. I am a nail polish addict and currently I'm deeply in love with pastel clours :)